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Benefits of Sculptra

What if you could train your skin to fight the effects of aging—teach it to fill in wrinkles and put volume back where it was before it started to disappear Read More

The Difference between Botox and Dysport

Botox and Dysport are both botulinum toxins. Both last for the same amount of time. And both cost around the same price. So, can it really be the tiny protein Read More

Finding Your Best Self Through Facial Plastic Surgery

I was recently interviewed by a magazine and was asked the most mind-blowing thing I have learned in my career as a facial plastic surgeon. Taking out an answer was Read More

From the Desk of Dr. Ward

Five years ago, a new plastic surgery practice and dermatologic spa opened its doors. Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Form Derm Spa were born! We knew at the time Read More

What To Expect While Recovering From Rhinoplasty

The mission of Ward Institute is to improve lives by inspiring confidence, and the most common surgeries Dr. Ward performs to fulfill that mission are rhinoplasties. Rhinoplasties change the shape Read More

Microneedling Basics

Your body’s ability to heal itself is fascinating and mesmerizing. No procedure or treatment or surgery is quite as efficient or effective as your own cells and DNA. When you’re Read More

What is Dermaplaning?

What is Dermplaning Dermaplaning is a simple, yet effective treatment that seeks to smooth and rejuvenate your skin, and improve overall skin wellness.  By using a metal blade, a small portion of Read More

Why Choose Botox or Dysport?

Do you ever wish the negative effects of time could just stop? Well, with the help of Botox and Dysport, you can pause and erase some of the most recognizable Read More

What You Need to Know About CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Getting older takes a toll on our skin. Once you enter your early to mid-20s, the production of collagen and elastin begins to slow down, these are the proteins responsible Read More

Teeth Whitening Basics

We’ve all heard the saying that it takes less effort to smile than it does to frown, so we ought to smile as often as we can. Whether that particular claim Read More

3 Major Benefits of CoolSculpting

Popsicles and horses.  These unlikely topics were at the center of two studies that caught the eyes of Dr. Rox Anderson and Dr. Dieter Manstein in late 2008. As they were Read More

What is a Hydrafacial?

The end goal of nearly every spa service is to leave your skin smooth, soft, and healthy. There are a number of treatments that aim to provide you with these Read More

What is hormone pellet therapy? Is it Beneficial?

Hormones are a key component of the body as they are responsible for several important functions. They work as a core communication medium between various cells in the body. They Read More

What should I do before and after the procedure for Botox?

If you are looking to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, one of the efficient solutions is Botox. But it is important to be prepared Read More

Coolsculpting: Expectations vs. Reality

It would be tough for many to gain muscle or lose weight in specific regions of the body. But it can be more annoying if you are toiling hard at Read More

Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Photo Facial IPL

Are you feeling to give your skin a newly refreshed appearance? You might want to consider a professional skin rejuvenation if topical skin creams or exfoliation is not providing you Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 119 posts


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