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Coolsculpting: Expectations vs. Reality

It would be tough for many to gain muscle or lose weight in specific regions of the body. But it can be more annoying if you are toiling hard at Read More

Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Photo Facial IPL

Are you feeling to give your skin a newly refreshed appearance? You might want to consider a professional skin rejuvenation if topical skin creams or exfoliation is not providing you the Read More

3 Reasons For Laser Hair Removal

If you are an individual who is tired of shaving or waxing your unwanted hairs from your body then you may want to consider permanent hair removal treatments. Even though Read More

9 Ways Hormone Testing and Treatments Can Find You the Love of Your Life

The complete endocrine system is made up of glands and hormones. Imbalance in these hormones leads to issues in both men and women. Treating them is possible only by having Read More

How Long Does It Take For Prp Treatment To Work On Face?

The first thing that you would always notice from a person is their face, that’s why many individual invest to much in making their face pleasant. Facial treatments and reconstructive Read More

IPL Photo Facial VS Sublative Skin Tightening: Specialization

Many people go to dermatologist or spa clinics for aesthetic purposes. There are indeed many benefits that you can gain from, especially if you make sure that you maintain a Read More

Will Getting A Teeth Whitening Treatment Reap Permanent Results?

A perfect smile comes with white teeth. As we age, our teeth become yellow because of enamel thinning. Accumulation of acidic food, smoking, coffee, and beverages are some of the Read More

What Is The Difference Between Reconstructive And Cosmetic Procedures?

Plastic surgery. We’ve all heard this term flung around in tabloids, citing the latest celebrity “before and afters.” However, most people don’t realize that it includes both reconstructive and cosmetic Read More

What is the difference between injection and infusion?

What is the difference between injection and infusion? People usually get intimidated every time that they hear the words injection and infusion. Some may find it scary, particularly to people who Read More

The Ins And Outs Of Chin Procedures

Many people may not pay much thought to their chin, however, your chin can really determine which features on your face look more prominent or less prominent which can play Read More

What Doctor Treats Vascular Problems

Vascular problems are those of different vein conditions such as the existence of varicose, spider and reticular veins. They arise when veins are put into too much pressure during blood Read More

Facial Fillers Vs. Botox

If you’re looking for a way to turn back time on your face and erase some of those lines then you’re probably interested in Botox or facial fillers. While both Read More

How long do PRP injections last?

Alternative medicines and treatment may seem hard to accept at first. The hesitation for whether to try or not roots from the uncertainty of whether the procedure will work or Read More

Get Your Hair Back With Hair Transplants

Losing your hair can be an extremely difficult part of getting older. While hair loss is more common in men, it can happen to women too. It can be a Read More

What areas can you use Kybella?

The majority of you would be knowing about Kybella as a modern fat reduction treatment developed to specifically target stubborn fat cells beneath the chin. It will specifically target the Read More

Determining What Chin Procedure Is Right For You

If you don’t love the way the profile of your face looks or even the way it looks from head-on, you may consider a chin procedure. Dr. Ward has experience Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 104 posts


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