“I believe that the human face is the most beautiful canvas for any artist. My artistic sense is one of natural beauty with a goal of emphasizing and highlighting the face’s natural, beautiful features. My goal is not to change the facial features, but to highlight those features that make an individual beautiful in their own way. Being able to perform these procedures and fulfill my calling as an artist and scientist as a facial plastic surgeon is a true privilege that I love.”

- P. Daniel Ward, MD

Pricing of plastic Surgery is very similar to that of fine art. Prices may vary, but typically it is the artist who dictates if the long-term investment holds its value.  At our AAAASF accredited surgery center we believe in providing the highest level of care for our patients. This includes pricing transparency that most surgical centers will not provide. When you see most displayed prices such as $5,500 for a breast augmentation on other websites, billboards, or promotional material, this is just marketing. Once you sit down for consultation, you will be amazed at how quickly that $5,500 becomes much higher when you consider things like the cost of implants, facility fees, supply fees, anesthesia fees and so on. The truth is most plastic surgeons keep their pricing close to their chest because they feel like it gives them a competitive advantage. 

Here at the Ward Institute, we feel it is our expertise, artistic approach, and unmatched results that give us our competitive advantage. Below you will find pricing for our various procedures. These costs include many of the hidden fees that most centers omit from websites and marketing. They do not include anesthesia fees which are a simple $500 per hour cost set by our anesthesia group consisting of physician anesthesiologists. In addition to these prices, we also offer a budgetary option for patients to receive surgery from our current plastic surgery fellow studying under Dr. Ward. These prices are not listed as they vary year-to-year, month-to-month to fit our current fellow’s educational needs. 



Dr. Ward: 

$28,750 - $31,250

As one of the most complex facial surgeries, the best results only come from having a deep understanding of the facial structures and an innate knowledge of the three-dimensional anatomy of the face. Our surgeon’s background and board certification in ENT (ear, nose, and throat) as well as in facial plastic surgery means our group has performed hundreds if not thousands of reconstructive nasal and facial procedures. Our aesthetic sense as a facial plastic surgery group is to emphasize the patient’s natural beautiful features. We are artists. We believe that everybody has an element of beauty that is innate. This beauty is sometimes obscured by the nose, which can be a distracting feature.

Physician Spotlight – P. Daniel Ward, MD

Dr. Ward is one of, if not the most influential surgeon in the world when it comes to rhinoplasty.

“I love rhinoplasty, because it combines my artistic and scientific sides. I love the beautiful shape and curves of the nose that better allows the eyes and the smile to shine through after the procedure.”
 – P. Daniel Ward, MD


Dr. Ward: 

$23,200 - $25,700

Brow procedures are all about expression. So much goes into this surgery to ensure your facial expressions truly convey your mood. Shape and position of the brow can be altered using several different techniques. At the Ward Institute, we tailor this to the patient using endoscopic, lateral temporal, direct, or mid forehead adaptations of a surgical brow lift. Regardless of technique used, our patients can rest assured they will receive the best and most natural looking results.


Dr. Ward: 

$15,000 - $17,500

As one of the leading facial plastic surgeon groups in the country, we perform a lot of these procedures. We have trained at the top facial plastic surgery training programs along with extensive training with surgeons who only perform eyelid surgery. In addition, our artistic sense is a natural one that emphasizes the patient’s natural beautiful features it is not attempt to give a plastic or artificial appearance. One trick is removing a portion of the upper eyelid fat To give a more youthful appearance to the upper eyelid. 


Dr. Ward: 

$15,400 - $17,900

Our aesthetic sense is what truly sets us apart. The implant is used to help improve the patient’s facial proportions. As artists, we use these proportions to help create facial appearance that highlights the patient’s natural beautiful features. Chin augmentation is our most common add-on surgery. Many concerns can be addressed by focusing on this area. The chin helps frame in many other attributes of the face. 

Physician Spotlight – P. Daniel Ward, MD

The main thing that sets Dr. word a part in this procedure is his aesthetic sense and fission. Always seems for a natural results the compliments the patient’s facial features. In addition, he is uniquely qualified to perform this procedure, because he has lectured extensively around the world about it traveling from lecturing from Ann Arbor Michigan to Amsterdam teaching surgeons about the procedure.


Dr. Ward: 

$22,900 - $25,400

This cosmetic procedure involves enhancing the volume and shape of the cheeks. Flat or hollow cheeks can make the face appear tired or aged, and can also throw off facial symmetry. Cheek augmentation can help to improve the proportions of the face by restoring fullness to the cheeks and enhancing facial balance.


Dr. Ward: 

$21,000 - $23,500

Our artistic senses for a very natural result is what sets us apart. Most patients to seek this procedure do not want their ears to occupy such a prominent place. By setting the ears back, our goal is to make them less noticeable. However, in some cases, the ears can be set to far back, which also looks abnormal. As is consistent with our overall aesthetic sense, we always aim for a natural result.  

Physician Spotlight – P. Daniel Ward, MD

Having trained with the person who literally wrote the textbook for facial reconstruction, Dr. Ward has loads of experience treating defects of the face, including the ear.  


Dr. Ward: 

$26,500 - $29,000

Facial contouring is a procedure that is truly unique to each patient. This procedure combines multiple surgical techniques to provide a beautiful contour. The base procedure is liposuction of the lower face, the lateral neck, and the central neck. From there a customized approach can incude a chin implant, muscle tightening, muscle cauterization, removal of a portion of the submandibular gland, and/or bone contouring. We do whatever it takes to give a nice tight neck line and jaw line. 


Hair restoration significantly varies based on the number of follicles.

Hair is an important part of the face and how we perceive each other. In fact, in addition to the unfair and undeserved loss of perceived attractiveness, as human beings, we have been shown to subconsciously perceive those with hair loss as being less honest, less friendly, and less trustworthy than those with hair. For women, the problem is especially acute, because healthy hair carries greater weight in the perception of femininity. Despite this greater importance, female hair loss is discussed much less frequently than male pattern hair loss. Thankfully, there is a near miracle solution to hair loss for men and women—surgical hair restoration. Using advanced techniques, we use follicular unit transfer using both the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or strip technique and the more recent advancement of follicular unit excision (FUE). These techniques offer, on average, permanent growth of 90-95% of the transplanted hair follicles that produce healthy, natural hair—a result that lasts the rest of your life!


Dr. Ward: 

$52,750 - $55,250

Nothing compares to a deep plane facelift. Put simply, this is the gold standard of plastic surgery to a more youthful appearance. Not all facelifts are created equal. Only the most accomplished and well-trained plastic surgeons offer this type of facelift. While extremely technical, it provides the most natural tension free results. It helps rejuvenate the tissues to a more appropriate anatomic position. A lot of facelifts work by simply pulling the facial tissues straight back. This certainly gets rid of wrinkles, but it does so at the expense of creating a somewhat unnatural appearance. In contrast, most of us who perform a deep plane facelift, do so with a more vertical lift, which helps counteract the effects of gravity. By lifting more vertically, instead of more posteriorly, we create a more natural result. In addition, there is some natural changes in volume distribution that occurs with the deep plane facelift. They are removing some of the volume from the lower cheek and putting it higher to the upper cheek, it creates some more pleasing contour.


Dr. Ward: 

$45,250 - $47,750

We separate the underlying neck muscles from the subcutaneous that. If there is excessive fat above the muscle and below the skin, this will be removed to better sculpt the neck and create a more pleasing appearance to the jaw line. We avoid an “over-lifted” appearance. As a leader in this surgery, our surgeons truly embody the role of artists to sculpt the neck area to provide a younger appearance without prominent scars.

Physician Spotlight – P. Daniel Ward, MD

I am the facial plastic surgeon who other surgeons refer patients to see when they need further expertise. This is recognized by being named a real self 100 doctor, which recognizes the top 100 doctors in the world.


Dr. Ward: 

$25,000 - $27,500

When patients are looking for improvement in both the upper and lower eyelids it makes sense to address both during the same surgery.


Dr. Ward: 

$8,750 - $11,250

With lip filler being so popular, this surgery is beginning to become a staple in the most performed facial surgeries. Even so, many patients are unaware that the lip filler they love so much could be achieved with surgical intervention. With more than 10 different variations of this surgery, it is important to trust your care with someone who specializes in knowing the subtle differences in each approach to prove the best result possible.  


Dr. Ward: 

$10,000 - $12,500

Buccal fat removal, also known as cheek reduction surgery, is a surgical procedure aimed at slimming the face by reducing excess fat in the cheek area. This procedure is particularly beneficial for individuals with round or chubby faces who desire a more sculpted and contoured facial appearance. By removing the buccal fat pads, the procedure can create a more defined and angular look to the face, accentuating the cheekbones and enhancing overall facial contour.  

Physician Spotlight – P. Daniel Ward, MD

Dr. Wards notes that this is a sign of youthfulness and longevity and is careful to only perform this in particular patients. With aging, the fat of the face tends to drop down or disappear altogether, making only particular patients candidates for this procedure.


Dr. Ward: 

$15,110 - $17,610

The biggest thing that sets us apart is our experience working in this area both for cosmetic reasons as well as for reconstructive reasons. Working around the mouth involves very delicate work involving the skin, lips, and muscles of the face and mouth. Our goals are to improve the cosmetic appearance as well as preserve and maintain function.  As one of the top injection centers in the state of Utah, we also help patients understand the difference between this and lip filler. 


Dr. Ward: 

$15,750 - $18,250

One thing that makes our technique different involves the fact that we typically will give a mild augmentation to the cricoid cartilage which is a cartilage that is just below the thyroid cartilage. In men, the thyroid cartilage or Adams apple is the most prominent part of the neck. And women, the cricoid cartilage is the most prominent part. In addition, we typically perform a procedure at the same time where we re-arrange the muscles overlying the cartilages to give a more normal appearance.  

Physician Spotlight – P. Daniel Ward, MD

I invented the procedure and have performed more than anybody else in the Intermountain region and probably more than anybody outside of Boston in the United States.


Dr. Ward: 

$4,500 - $7,000

Typically this procedure is done as an add-on to other surgeries. As we age, earlobes droop with time This is exacerbated by heavy earrings or sometimes trauma. It is a simple procedure where we can return earlobes back to their youthful appearance. Our price includes a re-piercing of the ear done at a follow up visit if desired. 

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