Form Spa Memberships

Form Spa Memberships

We are all familiar with membership benefits: airlines give miles for flying, grocery stores give points for shopping, Amazon gives fast and free shipping. What about a membership for your skin? At Form Derm Spa we love to take care of our members! Day to day, month to month, year to year we want you looking and feeling like your best, most confident self. Why not become part of the club?

Whether you are looking to experiment with different areas of treatment or you know exactly when, where, and how you want your skin treated — these memberships are here to meet all of those needs and wants. Our Form Spa Memberships offer discounted treatments in four main areas: injectables, spa services, laser & devices, and FormRx Skincare because we understand you don’t need everything all at the same time. Caring for your skin is a process and the membership is there to help provide the things you will need.

“How does it work?” you might ask. Great question! When you initially sign up your membership starts at a 12-month minimum duration, then operates on a month-to-month basis. Membership fees are collected monthly and 100% of that money is put into a “savings account” at the spa. These funds can accrue month over month, and don’t expire—it’s your money to use however you’d like at the spa. You can let your money collect over time to save up for higher price services or use it up monthly on facials and products.

There are three different levels of membership: silver, gold, and platinum. They range in monthly price from $109 – $209 and average annual savings from $1500 – $3500. Form Derm Spa offers one of the leading membership programs in the Salt Lake Valley, with deals that will help you over and over again.

We also do a member perk each month with our monthly specials, where members get an EXTRA discount or even a free gift! Our July monthly special gives everyone a membership! Everyone gets silver level, silver members get gold discounts, gold members get platinum discounts, and platinum members get an additional 5% off their discounts.

What are you waiting for? Message us now to let us know how you’ll be joining the club.


Member testimonials:

“Form Spa takes the time to explain each step that they are taking and make sure that you are comfortable. It is a beautiful space and the professional services they offer are outstanding. I can’t wait to return and be beautified!” – Megan

“I love Form Spa! My skin has dramatically changed for the better. Acne scars and pigmentation has decreased significantly! I definitely recommend the Pico Resolve Laser treatment and all the products! My favorites are the vitamin C serum and face wash!” – Trisha

“I have been going to Form Spa for over 2 years. Dr. Ward is awesome, very knowledgeable skilled facial plastic surgeon. He is friendly & professional, highly recommend.
I also cannot begin to express my satisfaction for Dr. Ward’s staff; each and everyone of them is always courteous & professional. I always have a wonderful experience when I go.
I would give them 6 ⭐️ If they had them” – Barbara

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