3 Myths About Facial Plastic Surgery

When it comes to aging and aging gracefully, we at Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery have more than a few tricks up our sleeve— including surgical and non-invasive options. If you have been considering facial plastic surgery but just can’t seem to commit, we have the perfect article for you. This article will debunk three common myths about facial plastic surgery.

Myth #1: All Plastic Surgeons Are Created Equal

Being picky gets a bad rap— especially if you’re a picky eater. But when it comes to your face, there’s nothing wrong with being picky. In fact, the pickier you are when choosing a plastic surgeon— the better results you are likely to get.

When it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon, there’s one thing that you need to be aware of: not all plastic surgeons are created equal. Here at Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery, you know that you’re in good hands. In fact, Dr. Ward is consistently ranked in the top 1% in patient satisfaction among physicians.

Myth #2: Plastic Surgery Makes You Look Plastic

If done by a well-seasoned surgeon, the last thing that plastic surgery should make you look like is plastic. If done well, plastic surgery should make you look naturally more youthful than before— but still, make you look normal.

Myth #3: It’s Only For Movie Stars

Facelift, Botox, and facial fillers may be popular among celebrities and movie stars everywhere, but they are also popular amongst people of all ages— regardless of whether or not you’re a movie star. Here at Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery, we treat a variety of patients from all ages and walks of life.

Here at Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery, we specialize in a variety of surgical treatments. If you want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ward, contact our Cottonwood office today: (801) 513-FACE.