Benefits of Sculptra

Patient Receiving Sculptra

What if you could train your skin to fight the effects of aging—teach it to fill in wrinkles and put volume back where it was before it started to disappear with time? That is exactly what Sculptra can do for you. Sculptra is an injection; however, unlike other injections that simply put the dermal filler into your skin to give it volume, Sculptra causes a reaction in the skin to stimulate its natural production of collagen. As we age our skin loses its ability to produce collagen (by age 45 you face up to 25% collagen loss), revitalizing your skin to get the bouncy, glowy, youthful look. Let’s look at a few other benefits of Sculptra.

Sculptra is an amazing option for anyone with a busy schedule and looking for a non-invasive procedure to help their skin. Not everyone has the time or means to recover from a face-lift operation; Sculptra provides an alternative to that. Commonly referred to as the “liquid face lift”, Sculptra can enhance the appearance of your face while allowing you to get back to normal activity immediately after! Bruising and swelling are a risk of any injection, but with Sculptra you won’t be prohibited from activity.

From smile lines, to plumping cheeks and temples, Sculptra benefits your skin to bring youthfulness back to your appearance. It takes 4-6 weeks on average to see results in your skin, but that few short weeks is worth the wait because the average Sculptra treatment lasts for about 2 years, with no upkeep following your injections. 94% of patients confirmed that their treatment results look natural 2 years after treatment! A typical treatment involves one to three injections spaced about a month apart. Once you receive the injection, your body increases the collagen in your skin so it can be firm and smooth.

Another benefit of Sculptra is its body-friendly makeup. The Sculptra injection is made of poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic version of lactic acid which your body produces during exercise. This has been used for years in dissolvable stitches so there is low risk of allergy and reaction. The injection is performed in different directions to create a web-like pattern under the skin, which is important to developing the natural mesh-like arrangement of collagen fibers.

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