Get Your Hair Back With Hair Transplants

Losing your hair can be an extremely difficult part of getting older. While hair loss is more common in men, it can happen to women too. It can be a big cause of self-consciousness and negative self-image. If you’d like to take control of your appearance and get your hair back but have questions about the procedure, we’d love to help. Here are some common questions and concerns about hair transplantation.

Where Will My Hair Transplant Take Place?

We have a dedicated hair restoration suite where your procedure will be performed. This suite has in-room entertainment so you can be comfortable and enjoy some of your favorite shows while your procedure is performed.

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Dr. Ward ensures that you are numbed in both the donor and recipient areas so you will likely feel very little during the procedure. After your session, your scalp may be tender so you will want to take some pain medication for a few days. Be sure you also take your antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications to lower the risk of infection and calm irritation.

Will My Transplanted Hair Look Natural?

Yes! One of Dr. Ward’s big goals in your procedure will be creating a natural-looking pattern with the replacement hair. Since the transplanted hair is from the back of your own scalp, it will look just like the rest of the hair on your head. This isn’t like traditional hair growth creams, these are actual hairs that have been relocated and should function exactly like the rest of your hair after they’ve healed.

Are The Results Permanent?

For the most part, your results should be permanent. Dr. Ward has found that over 90% of hairs that have been transplanted are able to grow new hair. These transplanted follicles are usually genetically resistant to balding meaning they should return to normal hair growth in the area.

If you have questions about FUE or other hair transplant methods, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d love to discuss your options and help you feel more confident about your hair. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 801-513-FACE.