Kissable Lips For Valentine’s Day

Plump, luscious lips are still trending among the top cosmetic procedures or treatments. If you weren’t blessed with the gift of pouty, kissable lips, don’t worry, you have options. Dr. Ward has years of experience with facial fillers. He will ensure your lips look natural and realistic while still giving you the fuller look you want.

Dr. Ward prefers to use fillers to enhance lips because they’re temporary. There are a variety of filler options available to you, including Juvederm, Restylane, Juvederm Ultra, Restylane Silk, and others, all of which Dr. Ward has experience using. You can discuss what outcome you’re looking for during a quick consultation.

Fillers are commonly used to treat volume loss and fill in wrinkles that appear naturally as we get older. The most popular fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is preferred because it’s temporary and will eventually go away on its own or with help from your doctor. Fillers typically last about six months but may last longer depending on your metabolism.

Another positive to lip fillers is that the procedure is fast and requires no downtime. Many people call it a “lunchtime procedure,” meaning it’s quick enough to get done on your lunchbreak and continue with your regular daily activities. Even though it is a fast procedure, you may not want to schedule any special events for up to three days afterward because swelling and bruising may occur. If you do have a big event such as a wedding or red-carpet event, let us know.

Don’t worry though. Your lips shouldn’t feel weird after the swelling goes down. That means even when eating, drinking, and kissing your lips should still feel normal just a little bit bigger.

It may take you a couple of sessions to dramatically increase your lip size, though. We like to see how your lips respond to filler and what they look like after they heal to determine the next step or if you’re happy with how they look.

If you’re interested in lip fillers or any other cosmetic procedure we offer, give us a call today at 801-513-FACE to schedule a consultation.