Three Things To Never Do After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasties are one of the most common plastic surgeries out there. Whether you have a nose that’s too large, a nose that’s too in charge, or a nose that you just want to size down, then a rhinoplasty may be your best friend. And although we will do all of the surgical work here at Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery, the recovery portion is left up to you. To help ensure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible, we have created a list of three things never to do.

Stick Anything Up It

When you were three, you may have stuck more things up your nose than you can remember, but as an adult who is recovering from a rhinoplasty, the last thing you want to do is stick anything up there; no matter how dry and crusty it feels. Sticking anything— even a clean cotton swab— up your nose can break open the incisions or cause damage.

Hang Upside Down

Rule number one when you’re recovering from a rhinoplasty: keep your head elevated on a pillow and DON’T hang upside down. We repeat: don’t hang upside down. The pressure from hanging upside down can lead to serious complications and will likely cause excessive bleeding.


Swimming can not only give you that Michael Phelps body of your dreams but it’s also a great cardio workout. Swimming during your rhinoplasty recovery is, however, a big no-no. The pressure of the water can cause severe complications and disrupt the entire healing process. Plus, you never want to submerge your nose in water while you’re recovering.

Don’t worry: if you think that these are the only recovery instructions we are going to give you, we have got you covered. We will send you home with a detailed list of instructions, and we are also here at your disposal if you have any questions. Want to learn more about rhinoplasties or rhinoplasty recovery? Schedule a consultation at our Cottonwood Heights office today and call us at 801-513-FACE.